Elena Villas, acting as a professional mediator: each lease agreement will be legally established between owner and tenant.

Elena Villas delivers the terms and conditions, which have been established by each of the different owners of the villas, which are listed in our catalogue. Below, we specify the basic points, which regulate the rental terms and conditions in general.

1.- Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions established for the rental of each villa shall be signed by our guests before the keys to their rental villas are being handed over. It is not possible to check into the villa without having the booking conditions signed.

2.- Reservation deposit

The receipt of any amount in our bank account does not constitute a formal reservation. The booking can be considered as binding from the moment Elena Villas has issued and forwarded a Reservation Voucher. The requested holding or reservation deposit can vary for each villa, according to each villa owner´s reservation policy. The balance payment should be made effective before receiving the keys to the property at the latest, as set in the booking Terms and Conditions received.

3.- Cost and services included in the rental price

The rental price incluse the exclusive use of the furnished and equipped villa and its installations. The consumption of water and gas are included. The electricity consumption is generally included in the price up to 200 kWh per week, unless otherwise stated on the booking form. Final cleaning and supply of bed linen and towels are not included in the price.

Independent of the cleaning service established for each villa by the villa owner, Elena Villas offers the possibility to hire additional cleaning options. Booking fee, are included in the price.

4.- Cancellation policy

Elena Villas, acting as a mediator, will apply the cancellation policy of the owner of the rented villa, specifically indicated in the rental contract.

In any case of cancellation, Elena Villas will make every effort to negotiate with the owner of the villa on your behalf to obtain the best possible conditions, as part of our customer service policy.

5.- Security deposit

The booking contract specifies a safety bond which is to be deposited before checking into the rented villa. This safety or breakage deposit is to be used to cover possible breakages or damage of the villa, other than normal wear and tear. This deposit will be reemboursed on departure, once the state of the rental property has been checked by our staff or the villa owner. In case of any breakages for which the costs cannot be determined immediately and exactly, delays up to 30 days may be caused. Only occasionally, and when previously agreed on, this breakage deposit can also be used to pay for extra services hired throughout a stay at a rental villa or reimbursable expenses paid in advance by Elena Villas.

6.- Number of people using the house

The number of people staying at the property must not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated in the booking conditions, except in the case of infants under two years of age. The property and the agent reserve the right to revoke the booking at their sole discretion in case this condition should be violated, and also may result in losing the security deposit.

7.- Access

The property agent and the owner of the villa (and/or their representatives) shall be allowed free access to the house at any reasonable time during the holiday occupancy for the purpose of maintenance or in case of emergencies, e. g. failure of any facilities.

8.- Client responsabilities

The client must keep the house and all furniture, facilities and equipment in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of hour holiday or stay, and the villa should be handed over free of any garbage. In case of garbage left to be dropped a surcharge of 50 € will be charged at the check-out or deducted from the security deposit. The client is responsible for all damage or loss which occurs to the property or its contents during your occupation and will be responsible for paying appropriate compensation to the owner through the property agent in case of any damage.

The celebration of parties and events of all kinds is expressly prohibited at the villa, without the consent of the property owner or his representative. The number of people accessing or staying at the property must not exceed the maximum number of guests as stipulated in lease agreement, unless the property owner or his representative have given their authorization.

It is prohibited to install and use other sound equipment than the ones installed at the villa, unless expressly authorized by the property owner or his representative. As per laws and regulations in force it is not allowed to play music outside the villa after midnight. Formal complaints from neighbours or reports filed at the local town authorities for breach of these rules may result in loss of the security deposit and revocation of the booking.

9.- Liabilities

The client is not responsible for the general functioning of the house, e.g. water pumps, pool, electricity, and if it ceases to function during your stay the owner is obliged to fix it as soon as possible. Elena Villas shall not be responsible for the personal injury of any person staying at the villa, unless the injury results from the proven negligence of the villa owner.

10.- Security and Valuables

Any valuables left at the property are at the client risk. The property agent is not responsible for loss or breakage of any personal goods. As with all the rental properties in prime locations there is a risk of burglary. It is the responsibility of the client to advise the property agent/owner immediately in case of burglary. Elena Villas accept no responsibility for any loss or damage due to theft or any security related incident however caused.